Tired of your Internet going down?

Remain connected and eliminate downtime caused by internet outages with fully integrated 4G LTE Internet failover and more

The Line Up

Network Edge Router

Built for performance and with room to grow, the appliance continues to provide more advanced routing features in an ever-growing platform that delivers what you need.

Intrusion Detection and Prevention

The DNA actively identifies any packets that shouldn’t be there and proactively prevents them from affecting the network. The end result is secure connectivity that you can count on.


Incorporating advanced security features such as stateful packet inspection, layer 7 DPI, port forwarding, DMZ host, and VLAN segregation, the appliance delivers peace of mind for you while protecting your clients’ networks.

External Antenna Accessory

As many networking appliances are physically located in a back room, in a closet or simply “out of the way,” there are scenarios where the location of the appliance can cause interference and negatively affect the appliance’s ability to connect to the LTE network. To remedy this situation, Datto provides an optional, external antenna. This additional antenna support creates more flexibility and options for you to deploy the Datto Networking Appliance, and improves connectivity, even in low signal environments.

D200: Affordable High Performance

The D200 is ideal for a client who needs a high performing edge router at an affordable price. The router’s quad-core processor includes an integrated hardware offload engine that enables it to run Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) and Quality of Service (QoS) at line rate gigabit speed. It’s rated at 2+ million packets per second throughput while running DPI.

Passive PoE

With two passive PoE ports, the D200 is a perfect fit for bundling with Datto Networking Access Points. Simply plug the APs in, mount them anywhere, including in locations that do not have power nearby, and you’re good to go.

LTE Management

The D200 offers two LTE subscription options. First is the fully integrated 4G LTE failover for always connected Internet. The second option, new and available only with the D200, is an LTE Management option, a service that utilizes LTE to give the MSP access to manage and configure the D200 even when the Internet is down at the client site. This new LTE option enables the MSP to manage and configure any Datto device on the network, including other Datto Networking devices, Datto BCDR devices and even devices being managed via Datto RMM.

Born in the Cloud

The D200 was born in the cloud, and is access through the same portal as Datto Networking APs, Switches and Managed Power devices. Or, if you are on the go, just use the Datto Networking Mobile app. It’s simple cloud management!

Advanced Security

Incorporating advanced security features such as stateful packet inspection, layer 7 DPI, port forwarding, enhanced web content filtering and VLAN segregation, the D200 delivers peace of mind to MSPs looking to protect their client’s networks.